Silk Leaflets

Our silk finish leaflets are printed on 130gsm FSC approved stock. Printed in full colour and double sided as standard. Supplied folded where applicable.

Selected products are available with 24hr turnaround. Please call us for more information.
A4 - 4 Pages [297 x 210mm]£42.90£50.80£75.00£114.00£169.00£229.00£399.00£750.00
A4 [297 x 210mm]£25.00£28.00£45.00£60.00£89.00£145.00£230.00£400.00
A5 - 4 Pages [210 x 148mm]£38.00£45.00£50.00£75.00£110.00£180.00£225.00£350.00
A5 - 6 Pages [210 x 148mm]£42.00£52.00£65.00£110.00£178.00£245.00£320.00£600.00
A5 - 8 Pages [210 x 148mm]£45.00£54.00£94.50£125.00£198.00£265.00£370.00£710.00
A5 [210 x 148mm]£20.00£25.00£30.00£35.00£60.00£105.00£180.00£259.00
A6 - 4 Pages [148 x 105mm]£35.00£49.00£59.00£65.00£75.00£125.00£165.00£215.00
A6 - 6 Pages [148 x 105mm]£42.00£51.00£65.00£79.50£125.00£215.00£255.00£430.00
A6 - 8 Pages [148 x 105mm]£45.00£51.00£75.00£94.50£134.50£210.00£340.00£550.00
A6 [148mm x 105mm]£20.00£22.50£25.00£35.00£45.00£70.00£115.00£149.00
DL - 4 Pages [210 x 99mm]£38.00£45.00£50.00£75.00£110.00£165.00£225.00£350.00
DL - 6 Pages [210 x 99mm]£42.00£52.00£75.00£110.00£178.00£245.00£320.00£600.00
DL - 8 Pages [210 x 99mm]£45.00£54.00£94.50£125.00£198.00£234.00£370.00£710.00
DL [210 x 99mm]£21.00£24.00£27.00£39.00£50.00£85.00£135.00£191.00

Finishing Options

All of our products can be customised in a variety of ways. Finishes include: Die cutting, folding, creasing, perforating, mounting, foiling, laminating, embossing, round cornering, binding, drilling.

Artwork Checking

Every order is subject to a free basic artwork check. If we spot any issues we’ll try our best to correct them for you.

Please follow our artwork guidelines when creating your print files to ensure your order is not delayed.

Bespoke Projects

If you have specific requirements or want to talk ideas, our team are on hand to quote on bespoke print projects.

Use the chat box to start a conversation, and we’ll take it from there.